Man-Made Diamonds: What’s The Difference?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a must-have for jewelry lovers, but did you know not all diamonds are mined?  There are man-made diamonds, also referred to as “lab-grown diamonds” or “synthetic diamonds”, that are not traditionally-mined. Believe it or not, they still convey the same beauty and characteristics as a mined diamond.


Over 50 Years

Man-made diamonds are defined by The World Jewelry Confederation as a “ man-made reproduction of a diamond that has essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure and physical properties as its natural counterpart.” If we trace back in history, synthetic diamonds began back in 1950s, where it was developed using “diamond press” solely for industrial purposes. The synthetic diamond industry has been around for over 50 years now.

There are two techniques used to produce synthetic diamonds: Chemical Vapour Deposition and High Pressure High Temperature. The former is used to create diamonds specifically for industrial purposes while the latter is used to produce synthetic diamonds that are distributed commercially.


What’s The Difference?


A natural mineral-diamond is created by nature; for many years. Man-made diamonds, on the other hand, are grown in a man-made diamond mine, specifically a laboratory with a highly-controlled environment. These two have similar optical and physical properties. Man-made diamonds look very much like the mined diamonds minus the hefty price tag.

The significant difference of man-made diamonds from mined diamonds is that its shape, size, and cut can be manipulated. Some companies can produce lab-created diamonds that can be specifically made for you. If you have a specific shape, color, size, or cut in mind, It can be customized to your liking.


All About Preference.

Although synthetic diamonds have been around for a long time now, there are still many issues surrounding man-made diamonds. The most controversial one is mixing synthetic diamonds to natural stones. This issue alarms jewelers as it affects the quality of real diamonds. There can be an unreasonable pricing of natural stones that are mixed with synthetic diamonds. Jewelry lovers who are willing to pay any price wouldn’t want something that isn’t the “real” thing.


Diamonds are considered a valuable thing to many. People associate diamonds to special occasions like engagements and weddings. Men are said to be willing to spend for the real-deal. On the other hand, there are people who are on a budget and consider man-made diamonds as an alternative. It’s really all about preference. Nonetheless, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and whether you are ready to invest in a real one or are looking into the man-made diamond alternative, you will still look as your best.

Lets Talk About Birthstone Jewelry

Among the most popular styles of jewelry today, are timeless birthstones. Not only can they add color and elegance to your outfit, they also gives meaning to your personality.

The use of birthstones in jewelry has existed since the ancient times. Civilizations use gems in their jewelry.  Each of them have a corresponding meaning and significance to the wearer. To fully understand these beautiful pieces of gems, let’s look closer at these birthstones and how they are incorporated in jewelry.

Western traditions have mentioned the Breastplate of Aaron as the first indication that the stones in the breastplate were somehow connected with the twelve months of the year and the twelve zodiac signs.

Then in the eighth to ninth century, religious sects have appointed or assigned a particular stone to each Apostle based on a line from the book of Revelations. Because of this, it has become a tradition to wear one birthstone per month. But, recently, the use of birthstone have strayed far from this tradition.

In reality people often wear them for taste, fashion, and beauty.

There are twelve birthstones that correspond to each month of the year. Here they are;

January – Garnet

  • This signifies true friendship and trust, making it a perfect gift for a friend.
  • It came from a Latin word that means seed because it resembles a pomegranate seed

February – Amethyst

  • This is a gem that ancient Greeks and Romans believed to be very useful in warding off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, the god of wine and merrymaking
  • It’s known to symbolize royalty and enables the wearer to be clear headed

March – Aquamarine

  • People used to believe that this gem can help protect sailors and assure safe journey for them
  • Its cool shade of blue makes it perfect to compliment your summer outfits
  • It is also said to make the wearer feel calm

April – Diamond

  • Diamonds are known to be the hardest mineral in the planet, opposite talc.
  • This gem is quite popular these days as a wedding or anniversary gift.
  • Make sure to choose the best kind. Consider the cut and the radiance

May – Emerald

  • It’s a symbol of rebirth and good fortune
  • It can also grant the wearer foresight and youth. A perfect for birthstone jewelry.

June – Pearl

  • Ever since the ancient times, pearls have adorned the jewelry pieces of the royalty.
  • Known to cultivated in living things instead of the mines, this gem is very special and it also requires no polishing

July – Ruby

  • Known to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love
  • A very durable gem, it’s one of the hardest stone in the world, only blow the diamond. This makes it perfect for everyday wear

August – Peridot

  • Known to have healing properties and can grant the wearer magical properties
  • Can grant the owner power and influence

September – Sapphire

  • Can help protect your loved ones from envy and harm
  • It is known to symbolize heaven and is associated with gifts from God

October – Opal

  • Probably the most mesmerizing stone of all the birthstone jewelry options, it comes in different colors. From white to black with flashes of blue, yellow, green, orange and red.

November – Citrine

  • Known as the healing quartz
  • It’s known to support health and vitality

December – Turquoise

  • One of the oldest known gemstones
  • Has varying colors and transparency, from greenish blue to sky blue and from transparent to opaque.

Birthstones, aside from being beautiful, are filled with stories and traditions in them. So, if you want to make your next anniversary gift extra special, why not give them a jewelry piece with their birthstone. I’m sure they will appreciate it.  Shop our new birthstone collection from Jaimie Nicole.

Jewelry 101. A Beginners Guide To Types Of Jewelry

With what may appear to be an endless variety of choice, jewelry shopping can become a daunting shopping experience for some. If you are the type of girl who knows her rocks and studs, you have got it easy, but if you are one of those shoppers looking for beauty tips and are clueless about jewelry, don’t stress. Whether you are in need of the ideal accessory, a one of a kind gift for a loved one, or just simply on the lookout for a fine piece of jewelry that will suit your style, taste & budget; we’ve got you covered. Here’s our beginner is guide to types of jewelry


Diamond rings may be considered as the top jewelry choice among women because of its luster & shine. Before investing in a diamond ring, one must begin with taking into considerations the 2 most noticeable characteristic of a diamond to the human eye, the sparkle and color of the diamond. Simply put, the better the cut, the more the diamond will flash. If the diamond appears dull or muted, it is possible to not have been cut to ideal proportions. In a diamond, color displays as a pale yellow color. For someone looking for the best price, we suggest diamonds with no visible color by the naked eye. Other popular rings include mood rings, thumb rings, ring stacks, knuckle rings.


The right type of women earrings can instantly enhance any look from casual to formal wear. The most popular ones include classic hoop earring, drop earrings and the classic precious gem stud jewelry. Classic hoop jewelry and drop earrings are often used if you want your earrings to stand out. These are especially great to wear with tube tops or shoulder baring outfits. Simple, classic stud earrings, on the other hand, are very versatile and can be worn with almost any look. In addition, pearl earrings are also among the most popular gems used in jewelry.


Wearing the right kind of bracelet can give off a polished and elegant touch to any look. Bracelets can also reproduce your personal style, whether you prefer, the subtler, simpler ones or the shinier ones. It is also considered as one of the most popular jewelry presents for any specified special event. When purchasing bracelets, there are quite a few things to consider. For anyone who loves sparkle and shine, diamonds and other gemstone bracelets are the most popular. Having them on your wrist can instantly give off a simple but unforgettable statement. For this type, focus more on the quality of the stone rather than the bracelet size. The simpler, the well again. For those who would want to go for a subtler tone, pearl bracelet would be the choice jewelry for you. Chain bracelets, on the other hand, can complement any outfit with its elegant simplicity. There are various chain styles available including rope chains, box chains, bead chains and mesh chains. Lastly, if you want a statement piece bracelet in terms of style and size, bangles are your best friend.


The jewelry type that is sure to make a statement, big or small. Necklaces are a simple way to show off some fanciness and can be worn everyday. Necklaces can add glamour as well as keep things cute. Choose from statement pieces, pendant necklaces, chokers, bib necklaces, silver or gold. Necklaces are easy way to do up and a quick way to add chic to any outfit.

How To Take Care of Your Fine Jewelry Pieces

Everyone has invested or plans to invest in a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. It can be a diamond ring or a sapphire necklace. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be beautiful. So, it’s only logical that people should take extra care of their pieces. But, how do you exactly do that? How does one take care of their fine jewelry? Let’s go through some simple tips.

Store Them In a Sturdy Box with a Soft Interior

The most important thing to keep your jewelry safe is to place them in a strong container or jewelry box.  This protects your jewelry from accidental damage from day to day storage. Make sure that the insides of the container have a very soft, gentle lining. This prevents scratching and further damage. You choose one with a velvet inner lining to make it look more elegant. If you choose to use a jewelry box without a liner, wrap each piece of jewelry in tissue paper

Clean Them After Use

No, don’t wash them with any old cleaner.  Abrasive cleaners can damage your jewelry. You may want to read our detailed post with 6 jewelry cleaning tips that jewelers don’t want you to know.

Store Necklace on a Hook

Necklaces are just like headphones. They get tangled up for no reason at all. You can prevent this by placing your necklaces on a hook to keep them from getting tangled with each other. If your necklace is made of precious stone, separate them from others…  Don’t hang your pearls though as they may stretch.  They should be stored laying down.

Separate Diamonds and Other Precious Stones from Each Other

Diamonds are known to be the hardest mineral on the planet. It has a score of 10 in the Moh Hardness Scale, which means it’s very tough. It can cut through glass and other diamonds, which is why you need to separate them from each other and from other jewelry. You ruby ring might not damage your diamond earring, but your diamond earring can damage your ruby ring. Same is true with other precious stones. Minerals can damage each other and other minerals below their hardness scale. So, keep them separated. It’s for their own good.

Be Careful With Pearls

Pearls are nature’s wonderful gifts. They are probably the only stone in the planet that shines without any need for polishing or additional treatment. But, since it’s a product of nature, it tends to be a bit fragile. Avoid throwing it casually on the table after use because it can cause damage to the delicate surface of the pearl. Also, avoid letting perfumes and make-up touch the pearl. Wear your pearls after doing your makeup to avoid damage.

Take Extra Care of Your Silver

Silvers are particularly sensitive when it comes to temperature and humidity. It can easily get tarnished if not taken cared of. Make sure to cover them properly with a piece of cotton cloth or a polishing cloth. Never use tissue paper. It can cause scratches.  You should take a look at our silver cleaning options here.

Keep Them Safe!

Keep your jewelry safe, especially if you have quite a collection. Place them in a safe or keep them well-hidden. Better yet, avoid wearing too much jewelry when going out.

These are just some of the tips you can do to keep your fine jewelry in mint condition. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but in the end, it’s all worth it to look beautiful.


How to Mix and Match Jewelry

Every day, we spend time selecting a chic outfit. We style our hair and apply makeup. We take good care of our skin. We beautify ourselves to look our best. But even with all that, we may still need a little bit of a style boost to complete our look. A simple trick to complete your look is to accessorize with jewelry – a lot of it. Mix and matching jewelry is a popular jewelry trend and a simple way to walk out the door looking your best.

So, how does one mix and match their jewelry? Here’s our quick tips:


One important lesson about mixing and matching jewelry is to find a centerpiece and accessorize from it. A centerpiece is usually the one piece of jewelry that stands out the most. The “eye-catcher.” It can be a chunky necklace, a large ring, or a shiny watch. Whatever it is, your other jewelry pieces should complement that focal jewelry piece. Say you are wearing a large, chunky opal necklace for an anniversary dinner, one can match it with a pair of diamond-studded earrings. A large gold watch can be worn with thin bracelets and rings that have a similar or complimentary tone.




Layer your jewelry based on size and thickness. Necklaces can be layered by wearing long jewelry pieces with shorter ones. On the other hand, bracelets can be layered by wearing thin, simple looking bracelets together with thicker, chunkier bracelets. Make sure it doesn’t look too overwhelming. Never pile toomuch jewelry.




One of the latest styles when it comes to wearing rings is stacking. The best thing about this stacking trend is that there are no rules. It doesn’t matter how many rings you wear. Pick out from any of those cute, affordable pieces from your favorite shops and stack em’ up. Sounds pretty simple and awesome, right?



Mixing and matching jewelry can sometimes become dull and boring, especially if you wear pieces of the same color. Break the monotony by wearing pieces that have a colorful accent. Never be afraid to blend in a colorful piece in the sea of gold or silver necklaces. It’ll enhance and make your pieces look exciting and fashionable.




Habitually, one would think to wear jewelry of the same kind. So if you chose a gold bracelet as your focal piece, the rest should also be in gold. But, present times calls for change. Now, it is actually encouraged to mix jewelry of different metals and stones. This makes the look more unique and trendy.

Mixing and matching jewelry can be intimidating at first but play around with it. The simple key to remember is to not over-do it. Aside from that, the combinations can be endless. A quite simple recipe to arrive at your next party looking beautiful and stylish.


How To Make Heirloom Jewelry Last

Heirloom jewelry is more than just a jewelry piece, it is a special piece that has many stories to tell. Heirloom jewelry is defined as jewelry that is passed down through family members for several generations. Due to wear and age, the beauty of a heirloom jewelry can have a tendency to deteriorate. It is important to know what can damage your jewelry and how to preserve it.

Here are our quick tips to keep in mind to ensure your jewelry will last and maintain its beauty for more generations to come.


Moisture can cause rust and contribute to loss in cluster of some jewelry types like rhinestones jewelry. Take your heirloom jewelry off before swimming. Sea water, chlorine, or sweat can affect loosen or discolor metals like gold and platinum. Sunscreen, bug spray, or lotions can also make heirloom jewelry dull.




Certain strong chemicals can damage certain metals or stones. Before you clean jewelry on your own, make sure you know what type of materials the jewelry consists of. Veer away from anything that contains ammonia, alcohol or acids as it can damage your jewelry. Our personal favorite jewelry cleaner is Simple Shine.



Remove your heirloom jewelry when doing household chores. Cleaning, gardening or other day to day activities can scratch, chip, or damage your jewelry. Also, keep your jewelry stored separately as metals and stones can scratch each other.




Store your heirloom jewelry in pouches made of soft clothes, zip locks bags, or box with compartments/dividers. Curio cabinet is good for storing larger number of jewelry. Heirloom jewelry should also be stored in clean, and dry places; away from sunlight. Note, oak storage boxes can develop moisture with humidity and start the corrosion process for metals.

Heirloom jewelry is one of the most special jewelry pieces one can possess. There is physical and emotional beauty connected to family heirloom jewelry. If you already possess heirloom jewelry, cherish, care for it, and be sure to pass it on. If you want to create your own heirloom jewelry, check out our personalized jewelry; perfect for all families.


How to Buy Diamonds Using The 4 C’s

We like to think that the jewelry we purchase are a good buy. Quality is an important factor for us jewelry shoppers, but how could we make sure we are getting quality when buying diamonds? First introduced in the mid-20th century, “the 4 C’s” is universally acknowledged as the main way to determine the quality of a diamond. Our quick breakdown on how to buy diamonds using the 4 c’s is here to help you get the best bang for your buck.


When choosing your diamond, It is important to consider the carat. While most people think carat refers to size or how large the diamond is, it actually measures the diamond’s weight. You can make an easy mental note for this first “C”,  the bigger the carat = the better. Diamonds that weigh 24 carats and above are considered top-class diamonds. Another note to keep in mind is that two diamonds can have the same carat weight but differ in value because of the remaining “C’s”.


A grading scale is used to determine a diamond’s value based on its color. The diamond color scale ranges alphabetically from D to Z. Diamond colors can also range from white to even black diamonds. Colored diamonds are eye-catching, but white or “colorless” diamonds generally have a higher value compared to others. These higher quality grades are the D-grades, which are considered colorless and the purest diamonds. Diamonds sold in local jewelry stores are typically “almost colorless” with a grade between G and J. Anything with a grade after J is considered a “colored” diamond as the diamond’s color can be detected by the naked eye.


Clarity is the third “C” to keep in keeps in mind when shopping for a diamond. Diamonds aren’t perfect. Just like any precious gem, diamonds also have flaws and no matter how bright and shiny it may look, the blemishes still remain. These imperfections, more commonly known as a diamond’s clarity, are often graded to determine if the rock is top quality. A diamond’s grading scale is a bit tough to remember but a rule of thumb is to choose grades between VVSI-SI1. These grades have no visible inclusions to the naked eye. A flawless diamonds are awarded an FL grade and would be the most expensive.


The forth “C”, a diamond’s cut, determines its beauty and style. There are different types of diamond cuts which includes: princess cuts, cushion cuts, oval cuts, square cuts and even heart-shaped cuts. The most classic styles include princess, emerald and square cuts. A diamond’s cut plays an important role in its beauty because light bounces and reflects from the diamond and gives it that shine that most purchasers are looking for. If a diamond is not cut proportionally, the diamond may appear dull and cheap. Based on our experience, the most brilliant cut is a round cut as light can bounce from all angles, when cut appropriately. However, we encourage to shop for your preferred style as each cut has its own allure.

Knowledge on the 4 C’s of diamonds can provide you a quick, easy to remember, guide to finding that fine piece of gem you are looking for. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your style and preference. Treat it as if you’re looking for your new best friend, for as they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


Inside My Jewellery Box: Daisy Hoppen’s jewellery will give you

Whether you’re a lover of the curated ear, obsessed with OTT shoulder-sweepers or a collector of charm bracelets, jewellery has the means to move us like nothing else in fashion. Unlike any other piece, you can wear the contents of your jewellery box with anything. In fact, the high-low aesthetic dominating fashion right now (thanks to a certain Alessandro Michele at Gucci SS18 Milan fashion week) is all about unexpected opulence – the more crystals you pile on with your hoodie, the better.

Pieces with sentimental value can take on a meaning that verges on the talismanic – it might be a horseshoe pendant your dad gave you for passing your driving test that’s been your ‘lucky’ necklace ever since, or a silver and turquoise ring you picked up on your gap year in Mexico that will eternally remind you of the best year of your life. You might be one of those annoyingly fabulous people who inherited a Cartier watch from your granny – or you might have saved up and bought your own investment watch.

And that’s just for starters. So we’ve hunted down some of the most stylish jewellery lovers we know and asked them to throw open the jewellery box for a sparkly show and tell. First up, we spoke to Daisy Hoppen, who runs her own fashion PR agency DH-PR. With a roster of some of the coolest clients in town, including Shrimps, Dover Street Market and Molly Goddard, she’s got a finely-tuned eye for unusual pieces and cool ways to wear them. At her house in Hackney, she stores them all in shells and trinket boxes. ‘I’ve always loved jewellery – both costume and fine,’ she says. ‘My sisters and I would play a game called ‘Jewellery Shop, Jewellery Shop’ when we were little for hours on end!’ A love of fine things is definitely in the DNA – her grandmother, Stephanie Hoppen, is a well-known art-scene figure who ran a gallery on Walton Street, and Daisy’s aunt (Stephanie’s daughter) is interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Her sister, Mimi, is CEO of fine jewellery brand Sophie Bille Brahe.

‘The women in my family all have quite unique ways of wearing jewellery,’ Daisy says. ‘Our grandmother is the queen of jewellery, and designs some of her own pieces – beautiful pearl and precious stone long strand necklaces and drop earrings. My youngest sister Plum loves big gold hoops, whereas Ella is more delicate and classic in her style. My mother has always had a thing for red jewellery – I remember her acrylic red hoops so well. My sister Mimi probably has the most beautiful jewellery collection of all of us – she has a lovely mixture of vintage pieces that she wears in a more contemporary way, and then newer fine jewellery designers as well.’

Without further ado, watch our video above for a tour round Daisy’s jewellery collection and see how she styles her pieces – prepare for major earring-envy!

This Seemingly Simple Dress Is Actually So on Trend

Have you ever been shopping and picked up something you thought was pretty simple, only to take a closer look and realize it’s actually quite intricate? Whether in the form of a special texture, forward silhouette, or—as is the case with today’s item—a little detail that does a lot, we can all agree that it’s quite the lovely surprise. Well, that’s especially true when said item is ultra-affordable, too. Just what are we referring to? None other than our Who What Wear Flirty Mini Dress With O Ring Zip ($30) at Target that’s not only perfect for the holidays ahead but also incorporates one of our favorite street style-approved trends: the O-ring zipper. From sweaters to jeans to, of course, dresses, there’s nothing the little embellishment doesn’t improve.

See just what we mean in the street style snaps below, then continue to shop the dress for yourself!

7 Things You Need to Give Up to Be More Stylish

Knowing what to do to be more stylish can be a bit elusive. Sometimes you just need to hear tangible advice that can help you reach your full style potential. With the end of the year quickly approaching, we got to thinking about the steps a fashion-loving girl can take to reach her full style potential in the New Year. And while we’re all for advice on what to wear to look more stylish, sometimes it’s helpful to get a little guidance pertaining to what not to wear.

With this in mind, we compiled a constructive list of seven things that can easily be achieved to dress better next season. While it’s most important to wear what you love and feel most confident in, just a few subtle wardrobe tweaks can give your wardrobe a boost that will make your outfits even better, thus improving your confidence and satisfaction with said outfits. From the shoe styles to toss out to the type of skinny jeans to avoid, these are the seven things to give up to be more stylish (and what to swap them for).

Keep scrolling to see them all and shop pieces that will give your wardrobe a major boost.